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On most days, China’s high-speed rail network is for hauling millions — yes, millions — of commuters, vacationers and tourists around the country.


But on May 14, 2015, one section of the growing network served a very different purpose. A People’s Liberation Army brigade from the Lanzhou military regionboarded a high-speed train and set off for Xinjiang — 300 miles to the west.


The exercise was a rapid and clever way to move troops around the huge country, something which Beijing is struggling to handle. China has the largest ground army and the longest land border in the world, which abuts 14 nations … more than any other country except Russia.


China’s army is starting to move fast.


thesurvivor • 6 hours ago
How does high speed rail destroy US and Japan?


Vin thesurvivor • an hour ago
Click Bait


larrybudwiser thesurvivor • an hour ago
They will have their train go over the bridge to Salt Lake City-and attack Mormons.


Crom! • 3 hours ago
wumaos everywhere.


macmaharaja Eagle • 2 hours ago
couldnt agree more


normfields Eagle • an hour ago
Just like they are stealing this master plan from Germany in WWI.


Banlas Eagle • 34 minutes ago
Except that the Chinese forget to r a p e your mum, sisters and then butchered all in your stupid family.

除了中国人忘记强 奸你妈妈、你姐妹和杀了你这个蠢货的全家。

#RR40 • 3 hours ago
Don't worry, Obama has this under control.


EVHappy #RR40 • an hour ago
Uh, yeah, he does. He has the best military minds and force behind him. It would be a total destruction of China in a very short amount of time.


TDog • 7 hours ago
An interesting article, but hardly one that needs to cause much concern. Rail lines are notoriously easy to take out and equally hard to repair in a timely fashion. If China is hoping that its rail network will tip the balance in its favor, they're about a century and a half behind the times.


If any analysts are worried about this, they're equally out of date.


Bankotsu • 2 hours ago
Railways can destroy U.S.?


normfields Bankotsu • an hour ago
Just ours.


Bostonterrier97 • 3 hours ago
And here is my master plan...4 SSGNs on station off China loaded to the gills with BGM109 land attack cruise missiles...completely firing their entire inventory. Some cruise missiles hitting high speed railway lines, others hitting AA sites, others hitting C4I sites, others hitting supply and fuel depots.
F-22's streaking down from Japan completely dominating the air space over the Taiwan Straits.
Stealth bombers and drones hitting high value targets. All Chinese Harbors and approaches with Quickstrike mines completely shutting down all seaborne traffic to and from China. Virginia Class and Los Angeles Class subs hunting Chicom subs and the very few ships making it out of the harbors without hitting a mine.
UCAVS launching Anti-Ship missiles at any Chicom Minesweeper deployed.

这是我的计划…4 艘俄亥俄级弹道导弹核潜艇向中国覆盖发射战斧式巡航导弹…力求完全摧毁中国的整个军事系统。其中一部分巡航导弹打击高速铁路线,一部分导弹打击航空系统,一部分导弹打击指挥系统,其他导弹打击供应系统和燃料仓库。




jabbadonut Bostonterrier97 • an hour ago
Make that into a video game, Bostonterrier.


jas jabbadonut • an hour ago
That's exactly what I was thinking.


kevin Bostonterrier97 • 2 hours ago
this is exactly what American thinking? destroy country they don't agree with? what a absurd world...


jas kevin • an hour ago
Pretty stupid, Kevin.


normfields kevin • an hour ago
Idiot. We didn't agree with Germany and Japan in WWII either.


macmaharaja Bostonterrier97 • 2 hours ago
please share what you smoking...tia


morning_in_america Bostonterrier97 • 2 hours ago
you forgot the TR3B paying a visit to drop a gift to the communist party headquarters in Beijing


Alan Smithee • 39 minutes ago
I love reading the lemmings in here thinking this is a serious threat. You guys are like Doug the Dog in Pixar's movie UP. "Squirrel!" Like China would have to move its ICBMs on a train to then fire them on the US? Let me tell you a secret about how to fight a war... Have your ICBMs close to where you're going launch them. Isn't China the one that would start the war? The only way you arm-chair generals would be able to use your little toys to then find a train to destroy would be if you started the war.



tom • 27 minutes ago
This story makes no sense unless the trains can run on water to Japan and US you freaking click-bait writing idiots. I got suckered into reading another article written by a second grader.


Stop Intervening • 35 minutes ago
You can take your propaganda BS and shove it where it belongs. I'd stick to Google news and the Huffington Post and even the BBC for factual news.


normfields • 42 minutes ago
Great idea. Then one billion Chinese can not get to work (including factories supplying high tech replacement parts and basic war materials. No work, no pay, no food. Recipe for another WWI Russian revolution.


AEONIC • 44 minutes ago
Oh my god, we've got to start closing the high speed railway gap immediately.


clearfog AEONIC • 33 minutes ago
Trump is already working on closing the wall gap.


Walter M • an hour ago
Click Trap - as suspected. Unless they can somehow make underground high speed rails across the pacific linking to every US base and the Pentagon, it aint happening.
All we have to do is send tomahawks to each of those tracks, and it's break time for the train crew. I don't know what's up with journalism nowadays - especially the ones that post on Yahoo. Clueless writers, pictures to click on that do not have anything to do with it... Yes, Tabloids, that's what they are.



Dennis • an hour ago
...me thinks they need to build a bridge first.


Ltyr2001 • an hour ago
A small smart bomb damaging the track from a drone could destroy a lot of fast moving troops on high speed rail.
The Chinese govt is not doing this to fight US. They're doing it to move troops quickly to fight their own people!


Alan Smithee • an hour ago
LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!
Why don't you pass an international law that demands China only have slow moving trains. I laugh at any of you taking this seriously. China is going to destroy America because it has high speed rail trains? The US is half a world away and you think if China didn't have high speed rail that would make a difference? The fact is this has nothing to do with China having the ability to destroy the US because it can move troops and missiles fast within China. It has everything to do with China having HSR and you don't. I notice because Trump is calling for megalomaniac actions around the world, the National Interest has been beating the drums of war on everything. Maybe too this has to do with Trump being upset that other countries including China have modern infrastructure, like HSR and modern airports. You just don't like it when the other kid in the neighborhood has toys you don't and you're stamping your little feet and pouting about it.



就因为中国有高铁而你们没有,就啥事都扯上高铁。我注意到,川普正呼吁在全球范围进行妄自尊大的行动,《国家利益》杂志在什么事情上都要敲响战鼓 。也许其他国家包括中国有了现代化的基础设施,比如高铁和现代化机场,也让川普心烦意乱。邻居家其他小孩有了玩具,而你没有,那你就是不爽,就得撅嘴跺着小脚了。

Mo Blaq • an hour ago
Because airplanes have not been invented yet...


jabbadonut • an hour ago
Historically, the U.S. and China have been on the same side in wars. I see no reason for us to be enemies, and in fact would welcome a closer relationship with them. Any complaints about China seem centered around territorial claims, but things like that can be negotiated without rancor. China and the U.S. would both profit greatly from being friends.


Frederick King • 2 hours ago
Would certainly make a spectacular derailment at 200 MPH.


Bob Frederick King • an hour ago
AKA, quite a train wreck.


Alejandro • 4 hours ago
So that's how you destroy that three nation...by high speed rail? That was really a high speed FAIL! Why not trying transporting them in the air like 82nd airborne division? That would make sense!


theworldlaughs • 5 hours ago
China will learn as we did in the America civil war about Shermon neckties. The end result when sections of rail suffer extreme heat . A few special operators could cripple the whole line in many places.

中国会学到我们在美国内战中所学到的Shermon neckties经验。当部分铁路处于高负荷运载的情况下,最终引起的结果是,只需要我们派出一些特工,就可以在许多地方削弱整个高铁网。

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